1. The return on investment ranges from 300% to 2,000% per annum.

  2. Our detailed cost analysis, prepared with the cooperation of your corporate personnel -vis à vis your current prices and volumes from existing suppliers - is based entirely on those figures and projects a conservative estimate of your savings over the next twelve months.

  3. All AVI suppliers are recognized names in their industries with a fine reputation for outstanding quality, service and reliability. In most instances, AVI suppliers would represent an upgrade in these three areas.

  4. The attractive, unique concept of the AVI business group offers its member-customers pre-negotiated prices that are based on the global volumes of the entire group.

  5. AVI saves you time in sourcing reliable suppliers. The average AVI member saves around 100 hours per annum in sourcing time.

  6. AVI pre-negotiated prices can be effectively used as a 'benchmark' in those instances where you may wish to continue purchasing from non-AVI suppliers who are friends, relatives or customers.

  7. AVI enables you to gain a competitive purchasing advantage over your competitors, or at least remain 'on par' with them if they are also AVI members.

  8. When you join AVI, your AVI representative can always be relied upon to render advice or consulting assistance to your purchasing department, on request, for the duration of your membership -- which often frees your personnel to concentrate on purchasing the raw materials specific to your industry.

  9. Your annual savings through AVI membership will assuredly increase with time as you begin to use existing AVI suppliers for those goods and services that you are not purchasing today, as well as future AVI suppliers for goods and services currently being purchased. AVI is constantly negotiating agreements with additional suppliers.

  10. AVI helps you eliminate red-tape and gain clout with your suppliers. AVI's customer servIce department will always intercede on your behalf to resolve any problems with AVI suppliers.

  11. AVI handles all the logistics of dealing with new AVI suppliers - doing everything along with you, from opening accounts, completing credit applications, to ordering waybills.

  12. The unique concept of AVI is such that if you are already purchasing goods and services from an existing AVI supplier, that supplier MUST, in consequence of your joining AVI, adjust your prices to conform to the lower AVI rates!

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For more information on how to become a member, or for any questions, please contact the AVI Customer Service.