Prospects, like your company, can only decide whether or not an AVI membership will be beneficial by comparing their current rates and/or discounts against those of AVI. (Note: AVI rates have been pre-negotiated based on extremely large volumes; currently, AVI has over 4000 member companies).

Although your membership allows usage of one supplier's services and/or products or all 20, most members use the services or buy the products of approximately five (5) AVI exclusive suppliers.

If your company is currently using an AVI supplier, once your company joins AVI, the prevailing rate or discount will automatically be the AVI rate - if it is superior.

The AVI fee for membership is based on the amount of services performed for your company and works out to be not 50% of what your savings are or will be, as some consultants charge, but a very small percentage of your annual proven savings!

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For more information on how to become a member, or for any questions, please contact the AVI Customer Service.